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Executive Blog 18/11/2021

Why Talent Matters

Mal Stuart
By Mal Stuart
Why Talent Matters

Why Talent Matters


Do you have your share of high performers in your business?

If you do, chances are you have seen their results are at least 300% better than their peers. It is consistent and bankable, year upon year.

Given that talent is scarce, the good news is that we do not require high performers in every role. According to a recent McKinsey study, ‘companies should focus their efforts on the 5% of roles that create 95% of the value.’

We are not suggesting that their other 95% of roles are not important or secondary. The point is that by focusing on the 5%, we can significantly influence results.

What are the 5% of roles in your business that create the most value? Are your most talented people in these roles and how do they compare with your competition?