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Executive Blog 23/3/2022

Does Money Matter?

Mal Stuart
By Mal Stuart
Does Money Matter?

Does Money Matter?


Money may not buy happiness by where does it rank in workplace satisfaction?


According to economists, Glassdoor and anyone else who has written on the subject, workplace happiness factors rank something like this:


  1. Culture & Values
  2. Quality of Senior Leadership
  3. Career Opportunities & Training
  4. Work-life balance & flexibility
  5. Appreciation
  6. Remuneration


I find the above to be accurate when people are reflecting on the role they currently occupy. If they are experiencing a difficult manager or poor company culture, it will be front of mind.


However, I also find that something different happens when people are deciding on a new role – remuneration rockets up the list. Remuneration is a key factor (among others) in the attractiveness of a new opportunity.


So, does money matter? Well, money certainly helps to get people in the door, but the other factors will determine how long they will stay.