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Tips & Tricks 9/6/2022

Three Lessons from Ash Barty’s Mindset Coach

Mal Stuart
By Mal Stuart
Three Lessons from Ash Barty’s Mindset Coach

Three Lessons from Ash Barty’s Mindset Coach


Ben Crowe is better known as Ash Barty’s mindset coach. He also helped Richmond transform into a premiership team, mentoring captain Trent Cotchin.

At a recent event, I heard Ben Crowe speak about his work with high profile athletes. The good news is that you don’t need to be an athlete – we can all adopt the mindsets:

Connection mindset

This is about understanding who you are and getting comfortable with your imperfections and vulnerability, seeing it as a strength rather than a weakness. By acknowledging your imperfections and vulnerability, it allows those around you to empathise and connect.

Crowe suggests writing a ‘to be’ list in the morning rather than a ‘to do’ list. 

Purpose mindset

A purpose mindset will help you understand what you want from life (not want others expect).

From a work and career perspective, this is about shifting from a focus on success to fulfilment. There is a transformation from ‘I’ to ‘we’ and having a positive impact on others.

Performance mindset

This is about focusing on what you can control and learning to accept what you can’t control. Anxiety comes from trying to control things that you can’t.

Gratitude, acceptance and self-compassion are key parts to a performance mindset.