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Executive Blog 26/10/2022

Accessing Hidden Talent

Mal Stuart
By Mal Stuart
Accessing Hidden Talent

Accessing Hidden Talent


In a market where companies are scrambling to access talent, there is one place that is often overlooked – right in front of you!


If the talent is right in front of us, what is holding us back?


Psychologists put this down to a fixed mind-set, which dictates that intelligence and abilities are static. In a workplace context, this means that we pigeon-hole people, based on their current experience and role. The result is a company where people will need to leave in order to progress their careers.


Managers and companies with a growth mind-set are far better at cultivating and promoting talent from within. They recognise that knowledge and experience can be improved through learning and effort, which is the foundation for progression.


The benefits of a growth mind-set culture include:

  • Higher levels of engagement
  • Lower turnover
  • Higher productivity and customer experience
  • Higher average tenure and corporate knowledge
  • Stronger market brand and ability to recruit


We suggest reviewing your standard practice, to understand whether you are fixed mind-set vs growth mind-set. Tip – we all like to think we are growth mind-set but look for evidence based on your decisions and actions.


Although a growth mindset culture takes more planning and consistent effort, the rewards are plentiful.