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Executive Blog 10/2/2022

A Summer of Mismanagement

Mal Stuart
By Mal Stuart
A Summer of Mismanagement

A Summer of Mismanagement


Sports administrators have had a tough summer. While most were thinking COVID-19 was the greatest challenge, mismanagement won the day (convincingly).


First, Tennis Australia came under heavy scrutiny with the Novak Djokovic debacle. We are still not clear on who did what, but at the very least, Tennis Australia’s decision-making appeared notably flawed.


Next is Cricket Australia, which fumbled its handling of the national coaching role. Again, it is not clear who did what, but Justin Langer is on his way.


These very public examples of mismanagement bring a key question to mind: Could the painful experiences above have been avoided? And how?


It’s hard to find just one answer, but it’s clear companies need something that will inspire every person in the organisation, irrespective of their role. Further, something that will help guide decisions, actions and behaviours, on the way to a collective goal.


With the implementation of a companywide Organisational Purpose and Values statement, perhaps the experiences above could have been avoided. Or at the very least, navigated with more grace.


In talking with business owners and managers, we all have examples of regrettable situations. Many organisations are quick to move on from a bad chapter, only to find themselves in similar circumstances down the track.


If you are prepared to put in the work, a well-crafted Organisational Purpose and Values statement can provide for better decisions, actions and behaviours. Done in the right way, it will lead your team to more success and a far more enjoyable journey.