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Executive Blog 27/5/2022

Are You Stuck on a Linear Career Path?

Mal Stuart
By Mal Stuart
Are You Stuck on a Linear Career Path?

Are You Stuck on a Linear Career Path?


In the early industrial world, the specialisation of labour was seen as a way to increase productivity. Work processes were broken down into a number of tasks, each performed by separate groups.


The division of labour has evolved into what we see today, in our highly specialised workforce – accounting, legal, medical. Each of these groups possesses specialist skills, knowledge and experience, allowing them to perform the role better and faster than non-specialists.


What does this mean from a career perspective? Well, it is likely that you are on a linear path, after you have settled into a particular field.


So what happens if you want a change? Example – Leasing Executive to Property Development Manager or Accountant to Fund Manager.


Given our specialised workforce, non-linear career change is tough, despite your transferrable skills and enthusiasm.


Why is this the case? Well, there isĀ  already a specialist out there, on their own linear career path, who is better suited to filling the role right now.


The good news is that non-linear change is certainly possible. It is just the process of getting there that is different. Applying for a job and competing against a specialist is frustrating and unlikely to work.


You need to build a bridge between where you are now to where you would like to be:

  • Further studies
  • Develop your contacts and relationships
  • Build your knowledge
  • Rely on people who know your capabilities


After you have built your bridge, you can then use your contacts to tap into opportunities before they hit the open market. This is where you will find your change.