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Executive Blog 7/4/2022

The Great Resignation So Far

Mal Stuart
By Mal Stuart
The Great Resignation So Far

The Great Resignation So Far


As a keen observer and participant in the jobs market, I was intrigued to see how The Great Resignation would play out in Australia, particularly in the built environment.


So far, what we have seen is better described as two years of catch-up, rather than a Great Resignation.


Businesses have been quick to adopt WFH and general flexibility, recognising that if they don’t offer it, others will.


By far the key feature of the current market is not The Great Resignation but The Great Candidate Shortage.


If you have tried to recruit recently, you would have noticed that your short-list is very short. Pre-COVID, you may have had 2 suitable candidates and your role was to choose one. Currently, you may have one candidate, and they are now choosing if you are right.


In the next edition, I will provide some strategies for successful recruitment in a candidate-short market.