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Executive Blog 2/9/2022

Jobs and Skills Summit – Your Quick Guide

Mal Stuart
By Mal Stuart
Jobs and Skills Summit – Your Quick Guide

Jobs and Skills Summit – Your Quick Guide

Against a backdrop of record low unemployment and high inflation, the Jobs + Skills Summit has an ambitious and wide-ranging agenda.

What is it?

A summit to address our ‘shared economic challenges.’

Who is attending?

Invitation only event for 143 participants comprising Government, Business, Unions, Community and Academia/Think Tanks.

Like a wedding, with a limited number of seats, family (unions) will take up a lot of places that you would have preferred to offer to others.

The Focus

  • Maintaining full employment and growing productivity
  • Boosting job security and wages
  • Lifting participation and reducing barriers to employment
  • Delivering a high-quality labour force through skills, training and migration
  • Maximising opportunities in the industries of the future

What is being proposed?

  • Changes to the industrial relations system, to allow bargaining with multiple employers and sectors
  • Increasing the permanent migration cap from the current cap of 160,000
  • Increased investment in skills training through TAFE and university education
  • Childcare reform

Where to from here?

  • Some actions will be taken immediately after the summit while other initiatives and reforms will be implemented over the medium and long term
  • A white paper will be produced on employment, which the government says it ‘ will provide a comprehensive blueprint for Australia’s future labour market.’


  • There is consensus on the issues and challenges but great debate as to the solutions and priorities.
  • With government debt ballooning, post-Covid stimulus, there are significant financial constraints and competing meritorious proposals.
  • Opening the door to more skilled migrants is a low-cost/high return measure that is not difficult to implement