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Kingfisher Advisory

Kingfisher Advisory provides advanced consulting services to develop your leaders, grow your people, and strengthen your business from the inside out.

With the ever-changing landscape of business one thing remains true – your people are your biggest asset and best competitive advantage in your competitive market. Great leaders know how to bring out the best in their teams and are able to produce sustainable levels of motivation, engagement and superior business results.

However most people end up in leadership positions without any formal training in how to effectively manage and lead others. This leads to adhoc performance, higher levels of turn over and it directly harms your bottom line. In addition to providing your people with world-class leaders, giving them a powerful purpose and clear vision to work towards, and a set of inspiring values to guide behaviour can help you realise significant business gains, without the cost of additional head count.

Kingfisher Advisory exists to help you shape a positive future by building internal leadership strength, engaging your people and enhancing your team dynamics. Our consulting and coaching interventions are based on leading research into behavioural change, organisational psychology and behavioural economics.


Our special expertise is in working with leaders to:

Refresh your vision and values

Conduct effective performance reviews

Enhance team dynamics

Boost individual and team performance

Establish effective internal mentoring programmes

Build management capability

Engage your people to higher levels of morale and performance


Our expert consultants are passionate about working with you to help you transform and enhance your work culture, productivity and performance. Get in touch today for a no-obligation initial consultation regarding where your business is at, and where you would like it to be.